Uday Gauges
Application Ideal for Tyre air pressure testing available in different models

1) Wall mounting - Suitable for air filling stations, petrol pumps
Dial size 8", 10"
Scale range 0 - 150psi, 200psi
Connection Bottom with compressor air inlet & out let
Features Provided with bulb holder
Optional Hoze accessories with three way gun type valve

2) Handy - Suitable for air filling station, petrol pumps, heavy vehicles, cars
Dial size 21/2"
Scale range 0 - 150psi
Features Provided with protective rubber cover & soft pouch
Optional Twin checkin valve with rod
Single checkin valve with hoze
Three way gun type valve

3) Pocket Size - Suitable for cars, two wheelers, inflatables
Dial size 11/2", 2"
Scale range 0 - 100psi
Features 2" gauge is provided with pause pointer arrangement, compact in size. Pocket size are provided with Aucsilary attachment of flexible 4mm PU hoze connection. Suitable for spoke supported rims of motor cycles & Bikes in soft zipper pouch.
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